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Jameson Morris AME '23 Wells Award Recipient

October 24, 2022

Max Morris looking at camera

Congratulations to Jameson Morris, AME ’23, one of this year’s recipients of the Wells Award, given annually to Hajim School students who excel in both engineering or computer science and in the humanities. The award was created by the family of Robert L. Wells, a ’39 graduate of mechanical engineering who became a top executive at Westinghouse. Wells felt strongly that engineers “needed the balance of the humanities” to be competent in their field.

An internship at the renowned Blackbird recording studio in Nashville this summer cemented Jameson “Max” Morris‘ desire to become an audio and music engineer. Thanks to his major in the field and his minor in music, this month’s Outstanding Student knows what it is like to be on both sides of the microphone. He has recorded and mixed tracks of performances by some of the same student ensembles he performs with.

Working with senior lecturer Stephen Roessner, a Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, was invaluable. So were classes on music theory and history. “When you’re recording in a studio, obviously you need a lot of technical knowledge, but it is also important to really know music, to be able to communicate with musicians from many genres,” Max says. Learn more about his experiences.