Second Photon Camp 'illuminates' optics for visiting high school students

July 18, 2014

The Institute of Optics held its second annual Photon Camp last week, with 18 students from several local high schools and the Bergen Academy in New Jersey attending lectures in the mornings, and getting some hands-on experience in the laboratory during the afternoons. The students, who also worked on weeklong projects, toured local company Optimax, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics and the Robert E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design & Engineering. This is another example of the Institute's efforts to attract top students to its undergraduate program. Congratulations to staff members Dan Smith and Per Adamson, lecturer Brian McIntyre, faculty members Jim Zavislan, Nick Vamivakas, Wayne Knox and Julie Bentley, Alexis Vogt and Jim VanKouwenberg of the faculty at Monroe Community College, and Optics students Sarah Bjornland, Lauren Brownlee, Jiashi (Maggie) Han, David Manly, Rebecca Pettenski, Sean Reid, Ray Lopez-Rios, Michelle Relin and Katelynn Sharma -- who served as mentors or gave presentations -- for helping to make the camp a success!

camp brochureIn addition, students worked on capstone projects with topics ranging from solar energy to digital imaging, under the guidance of an undergraduate student in optics. At the end of the week, these projects were judged by the faculty of the Institute of Optics in a poster session open to the public and the media.  More information can be found in the camp brochure and in the official press release.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Dan Smith at or at (585) 275-7764