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Graduate Programs

HOME MS Program

Earn a master of science in optics at home! The Hybrid Optics Master’s Education (HOME) program offers the world-renowned Institute of Optics MS, taking advantage of the best remote-learning practice and a special in person component crafted to meet the needs of busy professionals.

The HOME curriculum includes the same core curriculum as our regular MS with an intensive three-week in-person version of our hands-on MS lab class. The combination of online coursework and in-person practical training maintains the rigor of our traditional MS degree while maximizing flexibility. The program will accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals and remote learners from around the world.

Our program allows students to:

HOME is geared for students with a strong STEM foundation who want to work or are working in the vibrant and growing optics industry.

Overview of Optics HOME Program
DurationFull timeOne year
Part timeTwo years
One course/semesterFour years
Time CommitmentFull time40 hours/week
Part time10-30 hours/week
One course/semester10-12 hours/week
DegreeMasters of Science in Optics
PlatformMostly online
TopicsOptics and Optical Engineering


Flexible Schedule

Optics graduate student working in a lab.HOME courses are designed with the working learner in mind. Every course is instructed in a live format and is recorded, giving you the option to participate independently or join in real time. HOME courses offer one-on-one interactions with instructors, teaching assistants, and student support services.


Students in the HOME program are required to take a total of seven courses—four core courses and three electives.

Courses cover materials identified as fundamental or of particular use to MS graduates. This is not an exhaustive list of courses available to HOME students.

Required core courses:

  • OPT 423: Detection of Optical Radiation
  • OPT 443: Foundations of Modern Optical Systems
  • OPT 456: Optics Laboratory
  • OPT 463: Wave Optics and Imaging

Example of elective courses:

  • OPT 470: Petawatt Lasers
  • OPT 483: Computational Imaging
  • OPT 450: Polarization


Visit our HOME courses page to see a list of what courses will be offered in the upcoming semester, as well as information as which courses will be offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid format. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

The HOME program is a Hajim School graduate program and charges tuition at the Hajim graduate rate. You can view current tuition and fee schedules on the Bursar’s Office website.

Applicants to the Institute of Optics are automatically considered for tuition discounts and fellowships based on their application. No separate application or request process is needed.

Financial award package determination relies heavily on the statement of purpose and letters of reference. Improving your application to the program will also improve your financial award prospects.


Applications for the HOME program are accepted year-round. We are currently accepting applications for a program start date of August 16, 2021, or later.

To apply to the HOME program, apply to the optics MS program. You will be able to select the HOME program within the optics MS application.

For details on the application, please see the graduate applying page.

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