MS Cooperative Program

The curriculum and requirements for this program are the same as those for our regular program with the addition of a 12-month "work block" in industry or at a government lab. Students begin co-op in January after their first academic semester. Students return to the academic program the following January. In order for the student to participate in the work block, he or she must satisfactorily complete the first academic block. Failure to do so will result in termination from the program. Co-op students fulfill the normal conditions of employment at the various corporations (these conditions may include, for example, passing a health examination, signing nondisclosure agreements, etc.). During the work block, the student will be paid wages comparable to those of other employees with similar educational backgrounds and experience.

During the time the student is employed in industry, he or she will be registered for the co-op program and will have all of the normal rights and privileges of a matriculated student, even though he or she is not in residence during that period.

Interviews for the work block are held on campus during the fall semester, usually in October or November. Students are admitted to the MS co-op at the discretion of the Graduate Admissions Committee, and only after the student has been placed with a company. Students with questions about the co-op program are welcome to contact Professor Nicholas George,