Outstanding ChemE Student

July 18, 2022

Andrew RojnuckarinAndrew Rojnuckarin ’23, a chemical engineering major, didn't understand how important those factors would be when he enrolled at Rochester. But he does now. Rochester’s smaller size made it easier for Andrew to participate in student leadership roles. He is president of the University’sEngineers Without Borders student chapter, for example.

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AIChE Highlights Professor Mueller

March 17, 2022

Today for #WomensHistoryMonth we highlight Prof. Astrid M Müller! Dr. Müller is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. Prior to starting at the University of Rochester in 2018, Prof. Müller earned a PhD in Chemistry from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, with an emphasis on ultrafast reaction dynamics. Her postdoctoral work centered on developing a fundamental understanding of the interactions between lasers and matter. Her independent research program is now focused on the synthesis of #nanomaterials using pulsed laser methods. These techniques offer unprecedented flexibility and control over the size and composition of metal nanostructures. This uniquely positions Prof. Müller’s group to understand how composition, geometric structure, and electronic structure impact the performance of nanomaterials in electrocatalysis and #greenchemistry applications. Some recent highlights from her group include a review of pulsed laser methods for the controlled synthesis of catalytic nanomaterials; a perspective on water oxidation; a mini-review of selective methods for CO2 electroreduction; and an award from the ACS-Petroleum Research Fund to support research into selective electrooxidations using novel nanocatalysts.

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Congrats to Our Fall TA Award Winners

December 14, 2021

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award (UGTA) recognizes an undergraduate student whose service as teaching assistant in a Chemical Engineering course has been outstanding during that semester.

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Congratulation to AIChE Poster Completion Winners!

December 2, 2021

Jeremy Rivkin

Kareem AJeremy Rivkin '22 and Kareem Abdelmaqsoud '22 who were among the poster competition winners at the recent American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) annual meeting held in Boston, MA.  Five Faculty members and 24 students from our Department of Chemical Engineering attended.

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Hogan Wins STEP Ahead Award

November 29, 2021

Kayleigh Hogan

Chemical engineering alumna Kayleigh Hogan ’12 (T5) has been selected as a recipient of the Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award by the Manufacturing Institute. The awards recognize women in science, technology, engineering, and production who exemplify leadership and excellence within their companies and in their careers.

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XPRISE Competition

November 1, 2021

PhD students

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who recently launched the first all-civilian mission into space, has galvanized an exciting collaboration of Hajim School engineering students to address a pressing issue on Earth: climate change. More than 30 students are vying for a $250,000 prize as part of Musk’sXPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition. They are designing a device that removes carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into commercially viable raw materials. “We are doing something that affects the whole world, because the problem we are trying to solve is a global one. So being involved in this is really exciting,” says project leader Jane Agwara, a PhD student in the lab of project mentor Marc Porosoff, assistant professor of chemical engineering.

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Melodie Lawton eager to share her ‘exciting journey’ in engineering

February 8, 2021

Professor Melodie Lawton

Melodie Lawton, assistant professor of instruction in chemical engineering, joined our faculty last year with not only solid academic credentials, but invaluable industry experience at Bausch & Lomb. Melodie drew on that experience to devise ways to help maintain safe social distancing in her undergraduate lab course last fall. Melodie comes from a non-STEM background, “so I think I always had to be self-motivating,” she says. After working at Bausch & Lomb, she earned a PhD in bioengineering at Syracuse University (2018), working on smart shape memory polymer composites. She’s excited to be connecting to students in classrooms and labs. “The challenge is taking really complicated physics and chemistry and repackaging it so someone can not only understand it but be excited enough to want to learn on their own in the future, or do something with it,” Lawton says. “I find that really satisfying.”

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Summer Internship Results in Lead Authored Paper

January 4, 2021

Paul Irving Lead Author

Paul Irving ’21 of chemical engineering is lead author and Robbie Cecil ’20 of archaeology, technology, and historical structures is co-author of a paperrin HardwareX entitled “MYSTAT: A compact potentiostat/galvanostat for general electrochemistry measurements.” The device performs a wide range of electrochemical measurements; can be controlled from any computer capable of running the Python programming language, including a low-cost Raspberry Pi, and is completely open source, giving researchers the ability to modify the hardware and software as needed for custom measurement techniques.

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