Major Requirements


Every chemical engineering undergraduate is assigned a faculty adviser. Faculty advisers help students assess their academic goals and career objectives, understand program requirements, and assist in choosing technical and non-technical electives.

Required Courses


Required Chemical Engineering Courses
CHE150: Introduction to Sustainable Energy
CHE113: Chemical Process Analysis
CHE 116: Numerical Methods and Statistics
CHE243: Fluid Dynamics
CHE225: Thermodynamics I
CHE 226: Thermodynamics II
CHE244: Heat and Mass Transfer
CHE231: Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHE250: Separation Processes
CHE246: Laboratory in CHE Principles
CHE279: Chemical Engineering Practice
CHE273: CHE Process Design & Simulation
CHE255: CHE Senior Design Lab
CHE272: CHE Process Control

Required Foundational Courses
CHEM131: Chemical Concepts I
CHEM132: Chemical Concepts II
CHEM203: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM207: Organic Chemistry Lab IH
CHEM204: Organic CHMII (or approved replacement)
One Advanced Chemistry Elective

MATH161: Calculus I (or MTH 141)
MATH162: Calculus II (or MTH 142-143)
MATH164: Multidimensional Calculus
MATH165: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

PHYS121 or 121P: Mechanics (or PHYS 113 for students in MATH 141-series)
PHYS122 or 122P: Electricity and Magnetism

Two Technical Electives
One Humanities or Social Science Cluster plus two courses in the opposite division of the chosen cluster (20 credits total)

WRTG 105: Primary Writing Requirement
WRTG 273: Communicating Your Professional Identity

*A 2.0 minimum GPA is required in core courses to remain in the program