NRC Ranks UR Chemical Engineering Program Among the Best

September 29, 2010


September, 2010: The University of Rochester's Chemical Engineering Doctoral program was recognized as among the best in the nation in a comparative analysis published by the National Research Council on September 28, 2010. The study ranked doctoral programs in Chemical Engineering using data that reflect overall quality of research and education. Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester was ranked between 8th to 28th out of 106 doctoral programs. Rankings are presented in ranges rather than a numerical list because several programs can be statistically similar with overlapping ranges in rank. A listing of the top overall Chemical Engineering programs from the study is show in the table above.

*data presented are the ranges of “S-Rankings” of doctoral programs published Sept. 28, 2010 by the National Research Council. Only the top 20 ranges of rankings are shown. The complete rankings of all 106 Chemical Engineering programs may be downloaded from: