033010: Acoustic Society of America Best Student Paper Award to Michael Ren, ECE PhD Student

A paper by ECE PhD student Gang (Michael) Ren entitled "Time-frequency test signal synthesis for acoustic measurements during music concerts" recently won an Acoustic Society of America Best Student Paper Award in Architectural Acoustics. Ren presented the paper at the Fall 2009 meeting of the Acoustical Society of America held in San Antonio, Texas October 26-30.


031510: Engin Ipek and Collaborators Receive Best Paper Award at ASPLOS'10

Assistant Professor Engin Ipek and four Microsoft, Inc. collaborators recently received a best paper award at ASPLOS'10 for their work on Dynamically Replicated Memory. Three papers were tied for the top place, and all three were given best paper awards.

Dynamically Replicated Memory: Building Resilient Systems from Unreliable Nanoscale Memories. E. Ipek, J. Condit, E. Nightingale, D. Burger, and T. Moscibroda. ASPLOS'10: Intl. Conf. on Arch. Support for Prog. Languages and Operating Systems, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2010.

110309: Engin Ipek Wins IEEE Award for One of 12 Top Architecture Papers in 2009

The IEEE has selected a paper by Assistant Professor Engin Ipek as one of its yearly "Micro's Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences." The IEEE Micro January/February 2010 issue will cite Ipek's ISCA'09 paper, which he co-authored with colleagues at Microsoft Research, as "one of the 12 most significant computer architecture papers of 2009 based on novelty and long-term impact." The annual selection is made by a committee of senior architects.


082309: Azadeh Vosoughi Awarded NSF Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded Wilmot Assistant Professor Azadeh Vosoughi a grant for her project, Cooperative Sensing and Communications for Cognitive Radio Networks. As Principal Investigator, Vosoughi is collaborating with Assistant Professor Nazanin Rahnavard of Oklahoma State University. The total project budget is close to half a million dollars and spans three years.


080409: Assistant Professor Marvin Doyley Awarded $1.9 million NIH Grant

Dr. Marvin Doyley, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been awarded a $1.9 million grant from the National Institute of Health's (NIH) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for his research entitled "Intravascular ultrasound detection of rupture prone plaques." The goal of this five-year grant is to develop new ultrasonic imaging methods to identify life-threatening atherosclerotic plaques in the general population.


071009: Mark Bocko and Collaborators Receive Provost's Multidisciplinary Award

Mark Bocko, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been named a recipient of the second annual Provost's Multidisciplinary Award. Along with David Headlam, Professor of Music Theory at the Eastman School of Music, and Richard Elliott Killmer, Professor of Woodwind, Brass & Percussion, Bocko was honored for his research on the project, "Visualizing the Shape of Sound -- A Study of Musical Expression on the Oboe."


071009: Azadeh Vosoughi Named Wilmot Assistant Professor

As of July 1, Azadeh Vosoughi will serve for two years as Wilmot Assistant Professor in the School of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. The announcement was made by Dean Peter Lennie, who explained that the appointment comes with an annual $5,000 in research funds.


012209: Gaurav Sharma and Chao Yu Win One of Two Awards for Best Paper at VCIP 2009

Associate Professor Gaurav Sharma and graduate student Chao Yu won one of the two Best Paper awards at the SPIE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP) conference held in San Jose, California from January 18-22, 2009.


100108: Three ECE Professors Win NSF Awards

Assistant Professors Hanan Dery, Michael Huang, and Hui Wu recently won NSF awards to pursue their research over the next few years. Dr. Dery's NSF award supports his spintronics work. Dr. Huang's NSF CAREER award supports his research into a computer architecture design that improves computer speed by decoupling performance from correct instruction execution. Dr. Wu's NSF award supports his project, 3D-Integrated Intra-Chip Free-Space Optical Interconnect for Future Multi-Core SoCs.


071708: Gaurav Sharma Named Director of Center for Electronic Imaging Systems (CEIS)

Effective July 1, Gaurav Sharma assumed the role of Director of CEIS. Sharma is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester with an adjunct appointment in Biostatics and Computational Biology. He has served within CEIS as Associate Director, Technical Interface, since September 2007. Previously, Sharma was Principal Scientist and Project Leader with Xerox Research and Technology. His technical interests include multimedia security, image processing, and signal processing for bioinformatics/communications.

051208: Michael Huang Wins NSF CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Michael Huang of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has won a $350,000 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support his research into a computer architecture design that improves computer speed by decoupling performance from correct instruction execution. The Award is one of the most prized honors that a young faculty member can receive and recognizes a strong commitment to both innovative research and teaching.


January 2008: Hanan Dery Honored as a Scientific American Top 50 Technical Leader of 2007

The Board of Editors of Scientific American has cited Assistant Professor Hanan Dery as one of its top 50 technical leaders of 2007. Dery is being honored specifically as a research leader for developing the spintronics logic gate.

Known as the "Scientific American 50," the award is in its sixth year and honors 50 individuals, teams, companies, business, or policymakers who have demonstrated outstanding technological leadership. Winners during the past several years have included Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google (sharing the distinction of 2005 Business Leader of the Year), research philanthropist Fred Kavli (2005 Policy Leader of the Year), renowned stem cell researcher Douglas A. Melton, Professor of the National Sciences at Harvard (2004 Policy Leader of the Year), and Nobel prize-winning neurobiologist Roderick MacKinnon, Professor of Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics of Rockefeller University (2003 Research Leader of the Year). The complete list of winners for the Scientific American 50 appears in the January 2008 issue of Scientific American.


January 2008: Recent Recipients of ECE PhD Degrees

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering currently has about 140 graduate students and between 80 and 100 undergraduate ECE students. More than a dozen students have received their PhD degrees from the Department during the last couple of years.


2006: Azadeh Vosoughi Receives Furth Award

In 2006, Assistant Professor Azadeh Vosoughi received the Furth award from the University of Rochester. The award came with funding that she used to develop distributed data compression algorithms. This work will be significant in the development of the development of low-power, battery-operated wireless sensor networks, a major focus area of ECE and the Center for Future Health.