Colloquia & Guest Speakers

Improving the Resolution of Diffraction Microscopy Using Numerical Reconstructions

Dr. Anne Sentenac, Institut Fresnel, France

Monday, May 1, 2017
3:30 p.m.

Goergen 101

Anne SentenacAbstract

While the resolution of fluorescence microscopy has undergone significant improvement in the recent years, reaching a few tens of nanometers, that of marker-free microscopy remains stuck at several hundreds of nanometers.

Near-fear probes or 'perfect lens' concepts have permitted an amelioration of the resolution beyond the diffraction limit but at the expense of the ease of use and applicability.

In this talk we will show another avenue for improving the resolution of marker-free microscopes: the use of numerical reconstructions. We will first draw the link between the microscope data and the sample and derive the resolution that can be expected in the ideal case. Then, we will show how the use of sophisticated inversion techniques accounting for multiple scattering and a priori information allows to break this limit.

Location:Goergen 101

Refreshments will be served.