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2020 Commencement

CHE Graduation Celebration Video

The celebration video includes remarks from our CHE faculty and staff, plus recognition of each of our bachelor’s graduates through reading of their names and achievements. We invite our students and their friends and family, as well as faculty and staff, to tune in on Saturday, May 23rd at 10am EST or any time during the following weeks to view the video on this web page.

A very special thanks to Rachel Monfredo for reading student names, plus her hard work editing this video. We hope you enjoy it!

Read the transcript here

CHE Graduation Virtual Open House

We also welcome your company on Saturday, May 23rd from 3-5p.m. EST to chat in real time with CHE faculty and staff during our virtual open house. Feel free to pop in and out of different rooms to say hello!

Room 1:
Mitch Anthamatten 
Meeting number: 987 3903 4174
Room 2:
Dave Foster and Jen Condit 
Meeting number 939 3047 8313
Password: che2020
Room 3:
Marc Porosoff, Wyatt Tenhaeff and Matt Yates
Meeting number 966 3744 8369
Password: che2020
Room 4:
Eldred Chimowitz, Astrid Mueller and Jacob Jorne
Meeting number 979 2979 3654
Room 5:
Doug Kelley, Melodie Lawton, Rachel Monfredo, Clair Cunnigham and Jeff Lefler
Meeting number  779 038 595


CHE Class of 2020 Memory Book

Let's also take a quick trip down memory lane!