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Photon Camp 2018, June 25-29

9 am to 5 pm

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The Photon Camp is a free, one-week program where rising high school juniors and seniors can explore the growing field of optics and optical engineering.  Students spend the week attending faculty lectures, visiting local optics industry sites, and working in the Institute of Optics laboratories.  Photon Camp is geared towards rising juniors and seniors with a strong background in math and physics.   As the level of instruction at Photon Camp is higher than the typical high school classroom, exceptions will not be made to this policy.  

Note:  Photon Camp is geared toward local area students.  Housing is not provided.

“Photon Camp was an excellent opportunity to gain firsthand college experience. There’s more to optics than most people realize!”
Danielle, Photon Camp alum

Capstone Projects

The students will present capstone projects that were developed during Photon Camp. Parents, friends, teachers, etc., are invited and encouraged to attend this event. Past capstone projects have included:

• Thermal Imaging
• Optical Communication
• Digital versus Analog Imaging
• Solar Energy
• Cell phone Camera versus Digital SLR
• Illumination/Fluorescence

Past Lab Experiments and Demos

• HeNe, CO2, and Nd:YAG Lasers
• Fiber Splicing
• Holography
• Spectroscopy
• Interferometry
• Pinhole Camera
• H-alpha Telescope

Rolling Admission

Space is limited and admissions are "rolling."  That is, camp slots will be filled as qualified applicants apply.


You may advertise Photon Camp with the printable poster and brochure.

Link to PDF brochure for this year's photon camp    

The Application Process

  • How to attend Photon Camp
  • Complete this downloadable application.
  • Complete this permissions and liability release form.
  • Create a personal statement of approximately 300 words or less describing your interests and future ambitions.
  • Ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation (math or science teacher preferred).  Order your transcript from your school.
  • Submit the following documents to Dustin Newman:

    Permissions form
    Personal statement
    Letter of recommendation

Deadline for Applications

The documents for the 2018 camp must be received by Dustin Newman by the May 26th, 2018.  Space is limited and admissions are “rolling”.    That is, camp slots will be filled as qualified applicants apply.

Submission of Applications

  • Documents may be submitted via mail or scanned .pdf document.
  • Note:  If submitting an application via email, please do not submit photos of the documents.  They must be submitted in PDF format.  Non-PDF applications, or illegible PDF submissions, will not be considered.
  • Submit documents electronically to dustin.newman 

  • If you are submitting via U.S. mail, use the following address:

    Dustin Newman
    The Institute of Optics
    PO Box 270186
    Rochester, NY  14627