Professor McGrath receives NIH funding for collaborative research project with the University of Ottawa

May 30, 2017


Nanoporous Nitride nanomembrane used as
a pre-filter for a DNA biosensor.

Professor Jim McGrath has received National Institutes of Health funding (R21) for his research project, “Solid-State Nanopores integrated with Nanoporous Membranes for enhanced Single-Molecule Counting of low-abundance Biomarkers,” in collaboration with the University of Ottawa.

This project aims to create robust biosensors by combining a University of Ottawa technology for the electrical detection of individual DNA molecules with University of Rochester’s nanomembrane technology. The porous nanomembranes serve as protective filters for the DNA sensors and prevent large molecules and debris from reaching the biosensor while still allowing the unobstructed passage of DNA. The technology will be used in a strategy in which designer DNA ‘barcodes’ serve as amplified surrogates for low abundance biomarkers present in biological fluids.