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Undergraduate Program

Minor and Cluster Requirements

Students can choose to minor or complete a cluster in biomedical engineering.

Biomedical Engineering Minor

The biomedical engineering (BME) minor provides gives students a basic perspective on the complex structure and function of living systems and their analysis by physical and engineering principles.

The minor is available to students in all majors, but engineering and biology students find it easier to complete these requirements.

Students may not use more than two courses required for the BME minor to also satisfy requirements in their major (including technical electives). All students that propose a minor in BME must fulfill the basic math requirements (MTH 165).

To declare a minor in biomedical engineering, please contact the biomedical engineering faculty advisor, Professor Amy Lerner, in 307 Goergen Hall, or or submit an online minor declaration for review.  For further information on the rules and process for declaring a minor, students should also review the following information from the College Center for Advising Services:

BME 101: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Eight credit hours of life science courses
Two biomedical engineering courses
One engineering course in any discipline

Biomedical Engineering Cluster

This cluster will introduce the students to the principal driving forces involved in understanding the functions of the human body or its parts.

BME 101: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BME 201: Fundamentals of Biomechanics
BME 201L: Biomechanics Lab (1 credit)
MTH 143: Calculus III or MTH 162: Calculus IIA