New Patent Issued for Ultrasound Technology

August 28, 2017


The patent titled “Ultrasound Technology to Control the Spatial Organization of Cells and Proteins in Engineered Tissues” (US 9,688,962) has recently been assigned to the University of Rochester with inventors Diane Dalecki, Ph.D., Denise C. Hocking, Ph.D., and Kelley Garvin, Ph.D. The patent describes novel technology that uses acoustic forces within ultrasound standing wave fields to pattern cells volumetrically and engineer three-dimensional blood vessel networks within hydrogels. Primary applications of this technology include engineering vascularized tissue models for drug testing, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. The technology is a result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between faculty members of the Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound, Diane Dalecki (BME) and Denise Hocking (Pharmacology and Physiology) and their former doctoral student Kelley Garvin.