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AI Chess Board

Team Members

Marah Abdin
Kapambwe Chalwe
Jason Lyons


Professor Jack Motley and Professor Dan Phinney


We didn’t work with any company for customer purpose, but this project would greatly impact those people who would like to take their chess skills to another level.


Our senior design project is implementing an AI chess board. The project uses Python and the popular chess engine Stockfish on a Raspberry Pi. The user inputs their move through terminal and the board shows the user what move the computer would like to make using multi-colored NeoPixel LEDs as shown below. Our project was a success and could be used as a beginning step to make a more complex and intuitive prototype that can detect the user’s moves on the physical board automatically.

82 Physical model of chessboard that would be implemented in our the software use.
This image shows console interfacing with the Stockfish chess engine
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