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Compressing Ray Trajectory Mapping using Bezier Curves

Aayush Poudel


Yuhao Zhu

Committee Members

Adam Sefkow, Chen Ding


Laser-Plasma Simulation Environment (LPSE) is a model for simulating laser interactions for Inertial Confinement Fusion. It relies on storing laser ray trajectory information discretely by marching several rays across a grid and then using those trajectories for intersection detection, intensity interpolation, and subsequently, cross-beam energy transfer. In this paper, we propose an alternative solution design by generating a compressed notation to store marched rays in terms of Bernstein polynomials that are used to construct Bezier curves. The main focus of this paper will be “near-intersection” or proximity detection, where we use a recursive bounding box algorithm to determine proximal or intersecting rays. Due to the lower overhead of storage, it is expected that the cache hit percentage is better, leading to better performance for larger problem sizes. 

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