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Packed Bed Reactors for Academic Experimentation

This project aims to design and build a multi-channel reverse water gas shift reactor system that allows for exploration of heterogeneous catalysis.
Ahmad El Gazzar, Thien Hung Nguyen, Clive Onyango, Emilio Vega-Ramos

Project Background

Sponsor (Professor Marc Porosoff) Requirements

A safe, reproducible, and intuitive systems with the following features:

  • Multi-channel design to allow for testing of 3-5 catalyst loadings in a single experiment.
  • Reliable heating mechanism, allowing for isothermal conditions within reactors.
  • Ability to monitor pressure within reactors.
  • Ability to control reactants’ flow rates.
  • In-line gas chromatograph (GC) for seamless products analysis.
Figure 3. The process flow diagram (PFD) provided initially by the Project Sponsor.

Stakeholder Considerations

Figure 4. Design considerations from key stakeholders.