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Drill Powered Carts A

Several problems are being addressed with the project at hand. The main one, however, is a heavily discussed and often times argued about problem: global warming. As of 2019, there are over 276 million vehicles registered in the United States alone. Those carbon emissions add up quickly. If people want to increase the longevity of the earth and allow it to continue long enough to support their kids and grandkids, then it might be time to make a change. This change comes in the form of renewable resources and renewable energy, and that is exactly what the drill powered cart team plans to show throughout the project.

Two teams are building a fully functioning, energy-efficient, and sustainable vehicle which will be powered by a single electric power drill, in other words, an electric-powered vehicle. By doing this, each team hopes to not only show people that electric-powered transportation is possible, reliable, and easy but, that their cart is the best. The two teams will face off in an endurance race to see which cart can make the most laps around a race track at the University of Rochester River campus. This will show which team has the most optimized mechanical design.

3D Model of the Cart:

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Race Footage

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