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eHPVC 2023


  • Daniel Baumel
  • Alex Bowersox
  • Rafael Luna
  • Nikola Raicevic
  • Christopher McDonald
  • Samuel Sylvestre


Christopher Muir

Project Description

The Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) is an annual competition hosted by ASME where various universities build vehicles to compete in a 2.5-hour endurance race. This year the rules have changed such that an electrical motor has been allowed to power the vehicle.

The vehicle is a hybrid tricycle with an integrated electrical hub motor at the back and pedals in the front for human-powered driving. The two wheels at the front are connected to the Ackermann steering mechanism controlled by two handles extending over the height of the seat. The back wheel has a hub motor mounted connected to the LCD throttle which controls its engagement. The long chain is connecting the front gears in between the two pedals and the back wheel with a tensioner and idle gear in the middle of the vehicle that keeps the chain in tension reducing the slack over a long distance.   


Promotional Video


Link to view model:


  • Christopher Muir
  • Mike Pomerantz, Technical Associate
  • Douglas Kelley
  • Bill Mildenberger
  • Jim Alkins
  • Christine Pratt
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