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Hemiblock Spacer for Cement Removal


  • Joshua Rainbolt
  • Faisal Reza
  • Natnael Ayalew
  • Edward Niles
  • Nathan Gehris


Dr. Marisol Herrera-Perez, PhD


Dr. Thomas Myers, MD, MPT


Current surgical techniques and tools do not present straightforward methods to remove excess bone cement from the posterior aspects of the femoral and tibial condyles during total knee arthroplasty. This leads to a detrimental amount of bone cement during application within the knee, causing an increased risk for premature knee failure, infection, or other complications. The goal of this project is to create a means to acquire improved access to posterior spaces for cement removal.

The Design Team

Front row left to right: Joshua, Faisal | Back row left to right: Nathan, Natnael, Edward

The Hemiblock Spacer

The team in action…

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