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Separating PFAS from Landfill Wastewater

Project Background

Sponsor Requirements

  • Characterize levels of PFAS in a specific landfill site
  • Recommend treatment methods to reach projected regulation limits

Project Motivation

PFAS have a number of adverse health effects on the human body, illustrated in the graphic below5. These health effects make the removal of PFAS a critical area for research.

The flowchart to the left shows how PFAS cycles and ends up in residential homes. The main stakeholders involved in this issue are the landfill corporation Waste Management, the downstream water treatment plant, and the nearby town of Perinton. Our sponsors being the Waste Management team, we mainly consider the landfill itself in our project scope and will make recommendations based on their best interest (i.e. low cost, low maintenance, etc.) However, our results potentially affect everyone in this cycle and will help keep consumers downstream safe.

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