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Operation VENTURE

Team Members

Nancy Bansbach
Shannon Keenan
John Lisi
Kim Richards


Greg Gdowski, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, CMTI, Amy Lerner, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, CMTI, Marty Gira, Senior Research Engineer, CMTI




A major challenge presented by the COVID-19 crisis is the limited number of caregivers that can attend to the influx of patients requiring ventilators. Our alarm app and sensor system allows caregivers to monitor the real-time performance of conventional and novel ventilators for multiple patients at once. Such data could be used to compare trends in current patient outcomes with previously recorded ventilator data. This would allow clinicians to foresee complications and make more informed decisions in treating similar diseases.

Workflow associated with current monitoring practices.
Workflow associated with VENTURE monitoring system.
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