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Tissue Surrogate


  • Leah Badger
  • Matt Cosentino
  • Baoqi (Max) Liu
  • Kelsey Stites
  • Xiang Tang


  • Benjamin Boseck, LSI Solutions
  • Carrie Cahill, LSI Solutions

The Goal

  • Partnering with LSI Solutions to create a tissue surrogate testing device for coronary artery anastomoses. 
  • The device will act as a demonstration model for surgeons in training to simulate the closure process of these anastomoses under various pressures and pulsatile flow.
  • The resulting pressures, fluid loss, and other metrics generated by this device will make it an accurate training tool to teach the functions of LSI solutions’ new devices to medical professionals.

Customer Scenario

  • Our specific customers are surgeons and other medical professionals.
    • Use our device to demonstrate and practice the anastomotic closure process and to utilize LSI Solution’s anastomosis suture devices
  • Our device will be used in a hospital or medical facility.
    • Where coronary artery disease (CAD) and its surgical implications are being studied. 
  • Our efforts to make our device as realistic as possible for our customers:
    • Chose tubing with correct dimensions of blood vessel of interest
    • Created a blood substitute to accurately portray the viscosity of blood

Key Design Decisions

System Design 


  • Solid box enclosure for carrying and traveling 
  • 3D printed heart model fitting with tubes
  • Fitted reservoir 
  • A clear user interface for the speed control knob and start button.
  • The pulsatile flow rate in an artery
  • Matching wall thickness and inner diameter with more compliance
  • Shorten tubing geometry 

Electrical Schematics

Customer Feedbacks and Steps Moving Forward

LSI Device Feedback:

  • Excited to “use this device in office demonstrations”
  • Feels a new novel approach to training was discovered
  • Impressed by visual feedback to purse strings

Ways LSI can further develop the product:

  • Get more responsive coronary artery tubing
  • Refine option for minimally invasive surgical practice
  • Improve responsiveness to pressure changes



Supervisor – Amy Lerner, Ph.D.

Instructor – Scott Seidman, Ph.D.

Supervising TA – Terra Spurgeon

The team

Team visit to the LSI campus.
From left to right
Benjamin Boseck (customer), Amy Lerner, Ph.D. (supervisor), Kelsey Stites (team member), Matt Cosentino (team member), Leah Badger (team member), Baoqi (Max) Liu (team member), Xiang Tang (team member).
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