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Urine Detection: Detection with Dignity

A device to detect urinary incontinence due to loss of bladder control.

Customer Needs/Specifications

According to our customer, DigniTection must:

  1. Detect all urinary incontinence episodes without error.
  2. Notify nurses within 30 seconds following an incontinence episode.
  3. Communicate that an incontinence episode has occurred to the patient, nurses, and concerned parties.
  4. Fit Comfortably for a patient who is lying down in bed. Use of the product should not lead to pressure sores for the patient.
  5. [Be] Set Up Easily to allow for communication between the sensor and the nurse’s station.
  6. [Be] Biocompatible to not affect skin integrity
  7. Deliver a Subtle Signal to ensure patient dignity and maintain privacy.