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Urine Detection: Detection with Dignity

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Environmental Considerations

During the production of diapers, several chemical compounds are added for various purposes. These chemicals are all used to produce one disposable diaper and can all affect the patient’s overall health. Also, there is much debate about whether to use reusable (cotton) diapers or single-use (disposable diapers). Reusable (cotton) diapers use 72% fewer raw materials per equivalent use than do single-use diapers (Lehrburger, 1991). The chemicals used to produce one disposable diaper can be found below (Karpisz et al. 2021):



Untoward Side Effects

Tributylin (TBT)

Biocide- Prevents the growth of bacteria

Poisonous to marine life

Damages fertility


Bleaching process produces dioxins

Dioxins are known carcinogens and cause respiratory problems

Highly toxic

Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP)

Moisture absorbent

Implicated in Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems


Used to often plastics and eliminate odors

Infants are susceptible to adverse reactions

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