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Characterization of Oxygen Mass Transfer in Viscous Fluids


Project Background

Customer Requirements

  1. Must use the excess sodium sulfite method (described on page 3)
  1. Equipment set-up requires the use of an oxygen meter, probe, and R135 Impeller
The R135 impeller, designed by SPX Flow, is unique for gas dispersion applications due to its high-shearing abilities.
  1. Must identify a candidate fluid for mixing experiments, which must have the following qualities:
  • Inert to components used i.e. sodium sulfite
  • Oxygen solubility
  • Viscosity modifier with minimum range of 20-40 cP
  • Exhibits Newtonian behavior
  • Compatible with oxygen probe
Chosen candidate fluid: Polyethylene-glycol (PEG) with a molecular weight of 3350.

Stakeholder Impact

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