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Characterization of Oxygen Mass Transfer in Viscous Fluids

Proposed by SPX Flow, the goal of this project is to characterize the oxygen transfer rate (OTR) within inert fluids of various viscosities.
Paul Eisold, Kamal Raji, Rony Waheibi, Collins Yawe

Project Background

Customer Requirements

  1. Must use the excess sodium sulfite method (described on page 3)
  1. Equipment set-up requires the use of an oxygen meter, probe, and R135 Impeller
The R135 impeller, designed by SPX Flow, is unique for gas dispersion applications due to its high-shearing abilities.
  1. Must identify a candidate fluid for mixing experiments, which must have the following qualities:
  • Inert to components used i.e. sodium sulfite
  • Oxygen solubility
  • Viscosity modifier with minimum range of 20-40 cP
  • Exhibits Newtonian behavior
  • Compatible with oxygen probe
Chosen candidate fluid: Polyethylene-glycol (PEG) with a molecular weight of 3350.

Stakeholder Impact