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Characterization of Oxygen Mass Transfer in Viscous Fluids



Final Experimental Design

Process flow diagram of the experimental setup.
Visual of the experimental setup.

PEG Trials

Video of PEG trial with 20 cP solution

PEG trials were done similarly to water trials but no drop in concentration was recorded for a 20 cP solution.

Trials were then done in beakers using an air pump to sparge air and the probe to stir the solution.

Small beaker trials with 5 cP solutions showed promising results. Probe was able to record drop in concentration.

The promising results for the 5 cP solution in the small beaker led to a scaled-up trial in the large tank

PEG trial with 5 cP solution in large tank. Probe did not detect drop in concentration

Sodium sulfite was added as a powder for the trials in large tank. A spike solution with the sodium sulfite already dissolved in the PEG solution was then used in the trial instead of the powder to overcome the foam layer

PEG trial with 5 cP solution using spike solution instead of powder. Probe showed a small drop in concentration but still not what was expected. Probe is not ideal for this application.
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