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Design Day 2017

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Chandler Woo, Edward Ruppel, and Connor McBride, at left, show prototypes of the endoscope they've created to assist veterinarians in retrieving objects that become stuck in a pet's esophagus or stomach. At right, Margaret Ferrari, Kyle Meyers, Ian Baranowski, and Lauren Seitz pose for a selfie before entering an operating room. They've designed a device to make heart surgery to repair a mitral valve less invasive.

posterA device that will make it easier for veterinarians to extract the objects our pets swallow (read more.)

A state-of-the-art 'surround sound' studio where audio and music engineering students can immerse listeners in their sonic creations (read more).

A 70-foot tall "periscope" so residents of New Rochelle can view the ocean from the town square (read more.)

A way to make heart surgery to replace a mitral valve less invasive (read more).

These are among more than 80 projects that seniors in five engineering departments and computer science  — as well as students in the Medical Technology & Innovation Masters Degree Program — will showcase with posters and prototypes on May 5 at the annual Design Day of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

"Design Day presents a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their efforts to translate their engineering knowledge into practice," says Hajim School dean Wendi Heinzelman. "It is always exciting to see the wide range of projects and to speak with the students to understand the thought process —   and the hard work — that went into the final designs. Creating a product that satisfies a real need while meeting practical design constraints is challenging, but succeeding in this endeavor is rewarding and can provide significant benefit to the intended customer."

Please note: Off-campus visitors can park at the Alumni and Advancement Center, 300 East River Road, and take a shuttle bus to and from the athletic center from 10:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Click here for a list of projects and team members.

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At left, Frank White and Matthew Dylewsky in the "surround sound" studio their team created for use by students in audio and music engineering. At right Michael Kaplan and Carolyn John assemble a prototype for a "periscope" envisioned by New Rochelle artist David Krinick.