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Robotic Steering System

Robotic control is becoming increasingly integral across many disciplines and industries. Understanding the fundamentals of robotic control evolves people’s way of life into a more convenient and efficient epoch. Here in University of Rochester, robotics courses enable students to have basic hand-on learning experience over robotic control systems. This robotic steering system team is aiming at designing an inexpensive but reliable, and easy to replicate solution which fits the needs to teach the robotics courses at University of Rochester.

Team Members:

  • Gaetan Foisy
  • Andrew Miller
  • Hanna Saba
  • Tianyu Zhou


  • Thomas Howard, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UR


  • Christopher Muir, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UR

Robotic Steering System Team

3D CAD Representation of the Final Robot

Robotic Steering System Process

The team explains the goals and thought process behind the design of the robot.

Robot Demo

Here is the demo of the robot overcoming the obstacle with four wheels keeping contact all the time.

Pictures of Assembly Process

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