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Home Exercise System for Knee Pain

Creating an affordable, accessible, and effective home exercise device to target chronic knee pain.

Future Directions

future testing/improvements to the device

Lowering Costs
  • Use most inexpensive retailer to purchase raw materials
  • Alter the design dimensions or already chosen materials in favor of a more cost-effective option
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
  • Mass production

Optimizing for Manufacturing
  • Use injection molding for the board piece to reduce amount of plastic used and the weight of the board
  • Standardize the holes being drilled in the vertical posts to reduce machining time
  • Standardize the metal being used in the device in order to purchase large quantities of a single material
  • Reducing the number of fasteners – nuts, bolts, and hinges
Testing for Rehabilitation
  • The EMG testing can be repeated on a larger scale to confirm our findings
  • The participants can include those suffering from chronic knee pain
  • Those participants can submit weekly responses to a questionnaire about their knee pain to track improvements

Designs for Usability and Accessibility
  • Complete user manual with both text and images
  • Instructional videos
  • Board markings for foot placement and difficulty indications
  • Marking on the moveable bar for foot and ankle placement